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Passion Led Us Here


Like Mike Sports is located in Northwest Houston servicing area in Cypress, and have several basketball programs. We are have our youth basketball league in Cypress, Katy and Spring areas. 


We also provide services throughout Houston for our afterschool developmental sports program. We are well established and have years of experience in the youth sports industry, with coaches that have a vast amount of experience.


Our brand stands for excellence, dedication, and commitment, we at Like Mike Sports are here at your disposal to give you an exceptional platform in order for you to achieve your goals.


We polish basketball skills and other upcoming sports to help players achieve greatness through our  training programs and expertise.


We have been in this line of work for the longest time and can safely say that we have excelled at the work we do and the quality of service that we promise to provide to our players and parents.


We offer a variety of different planned packages for players that are interested in learning this beautiful game of basketball, and now also our upcoming launch of our soccer program.


We do not stop there as we help athletes both on and off the court, offering proper nutrients advice and plans to keep them fit for every aspect of their game.


Going in depth into every player’s development is where we believe we have the edge over our rivals, which is why we believe that we are the place where you should be if you wish to groom yourself overall as an athlete.


Endeavor to become the No 1 sports training and coaching organization in youth sports nationwide.


Create not just great athletes but also great leaders using the discipline of sports as a foundation.


Our ultimate goal is for every individual to reach and exceed their potential both on and off the court/field.


Give athletes the best tools, education and training in sports, building mental toughness and physical awareness to equip them with the means to excel in the sports arena today and in the future.

Inspire positive impact and self-belief in every athlete. 

There is no replacement for faith in God.  


“What is impossible with men is possible with God.” Luke 18:27

Work hard and believe and you will achieve the impossible.

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