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Like Mike Sports specializes in basketball training and development and have created a development program for every player wanting to improve and take it to another level. Our development program consists of private training one to one and group training, either as a package or session by session.


The program has been formulated to cater for different skill level, from beginners to advanced level. We have different coaches that specialize in different aspects of the game. Each player will have their own individual profile and development plan with evaluation at different stages to get every player to reach their potential.


We have split our private training into different levels.

Level 1 Beginners
Level 2 Moderate
Level 3 Advanced

At your 1st private training session, you will be assessed and put into the level bracket based on your assessment. At which point a training plan will be suggested going forward. Depending on your level you will be allocated Coaches that will cater for your development.


We have different levels and at each level we have different coaches that cater for the different levels and as you advance in your development then players move to higher advanced training.


Private Training is like no other, as Coach Mike has designed distinct techniques to train players that yields results by compositing players physique and pushing their skill level to its potential. The program is crafted specific to each player to fully achieve their potential.


Our drills are formulated to be implemented in the games and reading the court; therefore, you increase your skill and also your game IQ which we believe go hand in hand.


Basketball Ring


Our Gym sessions for the private training is located in Cypress TX (Northwest Houston).


Home visits or Park sessions are conducted either at your home location or at a local park the is suitable for basketball training.

The locations we operate for private training are Cypress, Klein, Spring, Tomball, Woodlands, Hockley, Conroe Willis and surround areas.


We are able to do virtual private training sessions. We recommend that players has access to the Zoom  platform. 

Equipment's needed will be a basketball, cones or chairs and a suitable space .

Basketball Ring


Each session is very intensive and challenging pushing you to reach your maximum potential.


We will be concentrating on Improving your all-around fundamentals including footwork, ball handling, shooting, moving without the ball, using screens, post moves, perimeter moves, scoring and much more.

If you want to surpass the competition and maximize your potential then private training is the recommended route.

Each player will learn the fundamentals and be more aware of reading the court. 


Anticipating the game to such a level that you will gain the ability to adapt your game.

In addition players will be able to  perform well in any situation that may occur on the basketball court, thus your basketball IQ will be like no other. 


Ultimately it is known and proven that private lessons are by far the fastest way for any player to get better.


Each player will get an assessment report at their 1st private lesson where the Coach will give players feedback on skill level, weak and strong attributes, what areas needs work and a developmental plan.

Assessment reports will also include a completed analysis of players skillset compared to college level and school level.


Like Mike Group Training can consist of 2 types, one of which is small group training with 2 players and the other type consist of 3-4 players. The group sessions consist of the same elements as the one to one session but in a group format.

The same Levels will also apply to group training: -

Level 1 – Beginners
Level 2 - Moderate

Level 3 - Advanced

We would recommend that if you do group sessions it is vital to do some one to one session where the focus is solely on one player.
As with the one to one private at the 1st group private training session, players will be assessed and put into the level bracket based on their assessment. Naturally there maybe occasions when their skilled levels are mixed. Although players are in groups they are still being pushed and critiqued individually.

Players should have their own groups when making a booking, however there maybe instances where there maybe a group that has a spot. If you are looking for a spot, please contact info@likemikesports or call us to find out.