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Our team is like a family our coaches and administrative staff, we have been growing organically to meet the needs of our customers and create a niche platform in competitive sports. We currently have a team of certified coaches and administrators who each play an integral role in the company.

Like Mike Sports is located in Northwest Houston servicing area in Cypress, Tomball, Fairfield, Klein, Kathy and Woodlands. We also provide services throughout Houston for our afterschool developmental sports program. 

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Its always been my ambition and passion to develop basketball players and create a youth sports organization. Where kids can truly learn and develop to their true potential in a competitive environment.

Head Coach for Youth League

Coach Jimmy Wilson


Qualifications:   Certified Coach/Trainer; AAU Licensed Coach; USA Youth Development Certified, Youth Sports Coach

Coach Jimmy philosophy is:

➢ Do the Drill.

As a veteran I understand the importance of hard work and discipline. As a coach as well as teaching them the fundamentals in Basketball and helping them in their development. as and organization we also mentor and them life skills through basketball and sports.

2016-Present Like Mike Sports (Cypress TX) Head Basketball League Coach

2014-2016 AAU Basketball Coach

Head Coach for AAU

Coach John Thigdid


Teams: NYS Sports/Fresno Ballers; Pearland Bulldogs; Future Phenoms; GA Sports;
              Like Mike Basketball, Like Mike Sports


Qualifications:   Certified Coach/Trainer; AAU Licensed Coach; USA Youth Development Certified, Youth Sports Coach

"I'm very excited for the opportunity to work with the brightest players in the Cypress and surrounding areas as we look to create the greatest Sports Academy in the country."

Coaching experience:

• 2018 - Present: Like Mike Sports (Cypress, TX), Head Coach

• 2016 - 2017: G.A. Sports (Pearland, TX), Basketball Director/Coach

• 2011 - 2016: Future Phenoms (Houston, TX), Head Coach

• 2010 - 2011: Pearland Bulldogs (Cypress, TX), Coach

• 2008 - 2010: Fresno Ballers (Fresno, TX), Founder/Head Coach

Coaching Honors:

• Coach of the Year (2016)

Coach Keith Perry

 Coach Perry started the Houston
SouthPark Ballcats Basketball Academy in 1997 to provide underservice youth in the Southeast
Houston community the opportunity to receive player development through participation in
basketball leagues, travel tournaments, and camps throughout the year as well as individual

As a result, these promising-young athletes showcased their skills, earned scholarships and
learned positive principles to become workplace winners.
➢ Yannick Denson- Head Coach Howard Payne University (Womens)
➢ Ray Turner - Texas A&M/ Overseas
➢ Sheldon McClelland – University of Miami/ Overseas
➢ Damyeon Dotson – University of Houston/New York Knicks
➢ Demarcus Johnson – Temple JC

Prior to joining Like Mike Sports, Coach Perry has trained players in youth, college intramural, and adult league basketball for over 30 years at all age levels. Coach Perry started
his youth coaching career as an assistant coach in charge of individual player development,
player substitutions (during games), and team development: teaching players how to play not
just the play.

Today Coach Perry is happy to be a part of the Like Mike Basketball family that offers a wide
range of coaching programs and services – from individual coaching, to leagues, and teams.

Coach Perry philosophy is:
➢ Listening and effort comes first.
➢ Its’s not the drill, but what you are trying to teach.
➢ The offensive options are dictated by how the defense is playing.
➢ Play hard or don’t play.

Coach Travis Smith

I was always an athlete.  Whether it was on the basketball court, football field, track, or baseball field; being part of a team has always been a part of my life.

1993-1994 - Giddings High School  Varsity Starter Captain. -  Scored 400 points my Senior Year. I was a leading scorer, defender, and assist leader.

1994-1997-  Worked and Trained at University of Houston -Downtown as a Health and Fitness Coordinator.  Training was detailed to fit your goals in the gym as well as outside of the gym.

Currently,  I am an AAU Licensed  Basketball Coach working with Like Mike Sports.  I have worked at basketball camps such as Ronnie Arrow Basketball Camp and Mike Glaze of Like Mike Sports Basketball Camps.  

Motivating, teaching, and giving youths, from grades 3rd thru 12th, the vital and necessary skills, whether it is physical or mental toughness.  

Also, showing responsibility and dedication on what it takes to be the right athlete, in the sport 
of basketball, is very important to me in the development of an athlete.

Tiffany Mauer

Administrative and Events Support Staff

Lisa Muller

Administrative and Events Support Staff