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Can I make the School Team without being on an AAU team and Travel Basketball?

Updated: Nov 1, 2020

So, you’ve come here wondering “Can I make my schools basketball team without playing AAU?”. The short answer is yes, but it can be extremely difficult to do so without some sort of playing background.

On average, a High School basketball team roster carries between 12-15 players and only 5 of these players play at any one time. For some schools they can get 25-40 kids that try out for these teams.

Overall, as a player you have to be in the top 25% of players that try out to make the team for good. Most of the players that try out, either have played AAU basketball in the past or have played from a very young age. So, what can you do about it if you have never played AAU?

Well one option would be to play AAU! Like Mike Basketball Academy offers an AAU program that trains young athletes to be better basketball players, leaders and develop life skills that are necessary in all facets of life. Find out more about our AAU program here.

Another option would be to train for hours and hours and hours to improve. Something which is a noble pursuit, however in many cases can lead to fundamentals that will need to be corrected down the line. Did you know that it can take up to 1,000 hours to learn a new skill by ourselves? That means it could take you 25 weeks or half a year working 40 hours a week to learn a new skill. That’s like working a full-time job.

One other option is to have someone who is an expert in their field teach you. With a private training program, players can gain a wealth of knowledge in only a few weeks. Studies have shown that its important for learners to receive hands-on training to truly understand a concept. Find out more about our private training here.

But perhaps the best option is doing a mix of all three options. Playing AAU gets players used to playing with a team. While private lessons allow players to see where their shortcomings are and improve upon them. And the last option which sounded like the hardest, because it is, is putting in hours upon hours of practice.

So, lets answer your question with all of this in mind. Yes, you can make your school team. However, without playing AAU, having private training or putting in hours upon hours of work, it will be a big challenge.

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